Puffin (Kevin Murphy)
Puffin (Kevin Murphy)


Found an Injured Bird or Bird in Distress?

BirdWatch Ireland is not a bird rehabilitation organsation.

Details on who to contact for help and advice can be found on the
Irish Wildlife Matters website.

Their web page is www.IrishWildlifeMatters.com

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Sat & Sun 29th & 30th Sept
The branch will be at the Biodiversity Weekend at North Mayo Heritage Centre, Enniscoe

Further Details on Events Page

To be kept upto date of events you can join our texting service by texting your name & text number to 087-643-2340

Or for email updates, send us your details to birdwatchmayo@yahoo.com

Corncrake Hotline


To report a Corncrake contact the NPWS  Corncrake Hotline


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