There are many surveys being coordinated in Mayo by BirdWatch Ireland
(Usually in conjunction with other conservation groups, e.g National Parks and Wildlife Service)

Annual Surveys include:

More specialised surveys include the following (usually relevant to Mayo):

  • Barn Owl Research Program
  • Corncrake Program
  • Chough Research and Monitoring
  • Farmland Bird Project
  • Red Grouse Project
  • Waterways Bird Survey
  • Breeding Waders
  • Tern Conservation
  • Spring Alive
  • Important Bird Areas (IBAs)
  • Birds of Conservation Concern of Ireland (BoCCI)

All these can be seen in detail on the main BirdWatch Ireland website:

Irish Wetlands Birds Survey
Mayo is a large county with a very long coastline, machair, numerous lakes, many turloughs, rivers and estuaries, as well as a large area of wetland throughout the county. All these need to be monitored for waterbirds.
Beginners are very welcome and will be paired with more experienced surveyors. This survey runs from September - March each winter.
If you would like to become involved, contact Helen Boland - via email:

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The Countryside Bird Survey
This survey monitors trends of the common and breeding birds in Ireland during spring and early summer each year. Surveyors visit a specific site three times to record habitats and the species seen and heard.
This survey requires knowledge of birdsong and good identification skills.
If you would like to become involved, contact Dick Coombes - via email:

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The Garden Bird Survey
This annual survey is the most popular survey coordinated by BWI.
Everyone can become involved in this survey by just counting and recording the highest number of each bird species visiting their garden. It occurs annually from late November to early February each year.
To contact the co-ordinator,

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