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Talk in Westport
Talk in Westport (Hazel Doyle)
Birdwatching at Murrisk
Birdwatching in Murrisk
Falcon Event
Falcon Event (Ger Rogan)

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Say 27th April 2019
North Mayo Heritage Centre

Evening Nature Walk from 8pm

The North Mayo Heritage Centre is 3.5km south of Crossmolina on the R315.
Please use the second entrance as marked.

The event will be held in the 'cowshed' behind the Heritage Centre.
Starting with a walk in the woodlands to hear the Dusk Chorus.

Followed by a chance to see the bats leave thier roost.

Eveyone welcome, any age,.
The walk is along a woodland path which is a little uneven at times, so wear suitable footwear.

Event is Free of Charge but there maybe a small charge for tea /coffee etc.

Subject to the weather - check website or call named contact if unsure.


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